K. A. Shoshenko

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In chicken Leghorn, blood flow volume speed in pectoralis and gastrocnemius muscles was measured on 15 and 19 day-old embryos and at the 1st and the 10th days alter hatching. It was revealed that in the last quarter of embryogenesis BF in muscles did not vary remaining in both muscles in identical limits. Similar BF parameters in pectoralis and(More)
In chicken Leghorn, blood flow volume speed (BF, laser-Doppler flowmetry) in the brain hemispheres and in liver was measured on days 10, 14, and 19 of embryogenesis and on day 4 after hatching (in experiments on late embryos and chickens, urethane narcosis was used). It was revealed, that initial BF in investigated organs was 2-fold lower than earlier(More)
A restructuring of the capillary bed-from the embryonic structure with a three-dimensional network of wide and long protocapillaries to the mature structure with high density of thin and short capillaries along the fibers-has been demonstrated in the chick skeletal muscle on embryonic days 10-19 by morphometric analysis. In this case, the volumetric flow(More)
Post mortem morphometric study of the arterial bed of the brain hemispheres in rats after 90-day stay at "the altitude" 5600 m revealed a noticeably larger diameter of arteries (D), a greater coefficient of their branching, lesser distances between branches (L), larger angles of branch deviation and a longer capillary bed. Calculations based on these data(More)
The aim of the study was to find the quantitative relationship of postnatal changes in the glomeruli anatomic structure with the blood flow in kidneys. Kidney development was studied in 4-, 12-, 30-, and 65-day-old Wistar rats. Diameters of glomerulus (Dgl, μm), afferent and efferent arterioles (Daf and Def), and the glomeruli density (Ngl/mm−3) were(More)
A set of parameters, such as pO2, pCO2, the content of glucose, glycogen, lactate, pyruvate, cholesterol, insulin, triglycerides, cAMP in the blood from the venous sinus has been investigated in puppies of Baikal seals during forced diving and rehabilitation. The dynamics of these parameters is presented.