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The proposed RFID traffic control avoids problems that usually arise with standard traffic control systems, especially those related to image processing and beam interruption techniques. This RFID technique deals with a multi-vehicle, multilane, multi road junction area. It provides an efficient time management scheme, in which a dynamic time schedule is(More)
Exact reliability evaluation of large size complex networks becomes intractable with conventional techniques due to the exponential scaling of the computation complexity as the size of network scales up. In this paper we develop a scalable model for the exact evaluation of system reliability of scalable complex networks of the n-tuple bridge type based on(More)
A novel configuration of a new erbium doped fiber laser (EDFL) is constructed and analyzed. It utilizes embedded fiber-loop mirrors, tunable filters with a linear laser oscillation. Implementing the linear cavity fiber loop (LCFL) as a new configuration using three circulators and two tunable band-pass filters (TBF), the output power in the single(More)
Traffic Congestion is a big issue in many large cities of India and traffic lights are basically used to control the flow of vehicle. Failure of signals, increasing number of vehicles, poor law enforcement, and bad traffic management has result in traffic congestion. One of the major issues with Indian cities is that we cannot expand the existing(More)
An investigation is carried out on the dynamic factors that can cause fading in Earth-space link signals. A comparison is made between the ITU-R recommended model and the measurements, carried out in a number of countries. A fade countering measure algorithm is presented. The measure may be essential for the efficient design of a microwave Earth-space(More)
The paper presents a monolithic voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) prototype designed with micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) devices. It achieves the stringent performance requirements of various wireless communication applications such as GSM cellular telephony. The VCO meets the low phase noise requirement of -136 dBc/Hz at large offset frequency(More)
This paper presents an efficient technique for availability evaluation of scalable complex network. The proposed technique is based on a decomposition process of a complex n-tuple bridge network into 2<sup>n</sup> simple subnetworks, whose reliabilities are easily found through availability/unavailability product rules. The decomposition is realized through(More)
Two erbium doped fiber laser configurations are conceived and constructed; A ring fiber laser and a linear cavity fiber loop laser. A comparative investigation tests were carried out. It is found that both the output power and the side mode suppression ratio (SMSR) for the two structures were significantly different. The measured laser power and the side(More)
The equivalent circuit of MEMS capacitive switches can be used to analyze a class D power amplifier, operated by a power supply of 3.7V. The system is intended for GSM audio frequency to produce an output power of (0.5-1.0) mW at a load output impedance of (8-10) Q. The system gain must be greater than 33 dBm and the estimated loss (0.5-1) dB. A model for(More)
Rain fade slope is very useful knowledge used to design of the fade countermeasures in satellite communication link. Recently, ITU-R has proposed fade slope model by limiting elevation angle up to 50<sup>0</sup>. Rain fade slope was measured from downlink of space-earth path of MEASAT3 in Kuala Lumpur (3.3<sup>0</sup> N, 101.7<sup>0</sup> E), Malaysia for(More)