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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The urocortin (Ucn) peptides are emerging as potential therapeutic targets for heart disease. However, pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) data are lacking. Therefore, we investigated the PK/PD for all three Ucns. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH Seven sheep received 1 µg·kg(-1) boluses of Ucn1, Ucn2 and Ucn3. Population PK/PD models(More)
Waste liquor from caprolactam manufacture contains many mono- and di-carboxylic acids. Of four yeasts tested, Yarrowia lipolytica DS-1 was the best at decreasing Chemical Oxygen Demand values, by up to 60% with 50 and 100 g waste liquor/after 48 h. Caproic, butyric and valeric acids were utilized most easily. Adipic acid was not decreased below 13% (w/v).
Anthropogenic hyperalkaline sites provide an environment that is analogous to proposed cementitious geological disposal facilities (GDF) for radioactive waste. Under anoxic, alkaline conditions cellulosic wastes will hydrolyze to a range of cellulose degradation products (CDP) dominated by isosaccharinic acids (ISA). In order to investigate the potential(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Rabies is an important public health problem worldwide and more than 55,000 people die annually of the disease. The King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, is a tertiary referral centre where a rabies clinic runs 24 hours. In view of lack of information about the demographics of the disease in an urban environment the present study(More)
The survival of microorganisms within a cementitious geological disposal facility for radioactive wastes heavily depends on their ability to survive the calcium-dominated, hyperalkaline conditions resulting from the dissolution of the cementitious materials. The results from this study show that the formation of flocs, composed of a complex mixture of(More)
The enrichment of an alkaliphilic biofilm consortia capable of the anaerobic degradation of isosaccharinic acid from cellulosic materials incubated within an anthropogenic, hyperalkaline environment. (2015) The enrichment of an alkaliphilic biofilm consortia capable of the anaerobic degradation of isosaccharinic acid from cellulosic materials incubated(More)
An automated computationally efficient two-stage procedure has been proposed for service load analysis of reinforced concrete (RC) flexural members considering concrete cracking and tension stiffening. The proposed procedure yields cracked lengths, redistributed bending moments and inelastic deflections. The computation of final state, including cracked(More)
Burnishing is a chip less finishing method which employs a rolling tool pressed against the work piece for achieving plastic deformation of the surface layer. Roller burnishing process is largely considered in industrial cases in order to restructure surface characteristic. The main aim of this study is to compare the prediction accuracy of Response surface(More)
(2017) Floc formation reduces the pH stress experienced by microorganisms living in alkaline environments. Users may access full items free of charge; copies of full text items generally can be reproduced, displayed or performed and given to third parties in any format or medium for personal research or study, educational or not­for­profit purposes without(More)
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