K A Morohunfola

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In the present study, the normal development of papillary ridges was studied in the volar pads of both fore and hindpaws of the opossum, Monodelphis domesticus. At birth, the developmental state of the opossum's paws is equivalent to that of a six-week human embryo. The development of papillary ridges in the opossum occurs entirely postnatally and the(More)
In order to test the hypothesis that the nervous system is an important determinant of skin differentiation, deletions of the left lumbosacral dorsal root ganglia (DRGs), the sources of cutaneous afferents to the left hindpaw, were performed on opossum pups at day 1 when hindpaws have just begun to be innervated. At birth, each lumbosacral DRG measures(More)
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