K. A. Matzen

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BACKGROUND The purpose of the study was to evaluate whether the postoperative depletion or the preoperative antithrombin (AT) activity is related to the occurrence of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in patients receiving low-molecular-weight heparin for DVT prevention after elective hip replacement surgery. PATIENTS AND METHODS In 93 patients AT-activity and(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to evaluate of the efficiency of an internal fixateur used since 1998 in multisegmental spondylodesis of the lumbar spine. METHOD The prospective study included 105 patients with degenerative changes or instabilities of the lumbar spine, who underwent an anterior and posterior stabilisation of more than two segments. The(More)
Autologous transfusion was used to reduce the high demand for blood accompanied with scoliosis surgery. Half of the blood loss could be saved by intraoperative autotransfusion (35 patients). This resulted in a corresponding reduction in homologous transfusion. An elimination of the need for homologous blood could be achieved only by the combination of(More)
During the last there years (from May 1981 to March 1984) we performed 1368 CT examinations of the spine, 447 of the cervical, 264 of the thoracic and 657 of the lumbar vertebral column. 30% of the CT examination of the lumbar spine revealed a prolapse of an intervertebral disk. In 38% of the cases involving the thoracic spine metastases were seen. We(More)
PVP-iodine was applied in this pilot study as irrigation solution containing 0.2% active ingredient for irrigation-suction drainage. It was well tolerated. The degree of iodine absorption remained within a lower region encountered with commonly available iodine-containing medications. Increased iodine levels returned to normal ranges soon after termination(More)
Basing on follow-up observation of a group of 113 scoliosis patients who had undergone surgery during 1946 to 1966, the connection between scoliosis and ability to work is subjected to close scrutiny. The study shows that there is a connection between reduction in the ability to work and the scoliosis angle, the extent of stiffness and cardiopulmonary(More)
After testing a new method of postoperative immobilisation the tendon of the m. flexor digit. longus of 49 adult rabbits was tenotomised and resewn. Comparing to a control-group a distinctly less accentuated reaction and scarring of the connected tissues as well as calcified reactionless necrosises can be found in the histology depending of the dosage of(More)
The conservative treatment of scoliosis with Milwaukeebrace has been studied in 165 patients over a period of seven years. We have shown that good results were obtained as long as the initial did not exceed angle of 40 degrees according to COBB. When the curvature exceeds 50 degrees the progression of the scoliosis was not stopped by the MILWAUKEE-brace. In(More)
The paper reports on the further growth of the leg in the case of a 7- year-old boy with congenital reduplication of the femur, tibial aplasia and dysplasia of the foot, who was treated conservatively until now. The possibilities of conservative and operative treatment to reconstruct the limb and to improve the function were discussed and finally the(More)