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This paper examines time series evidence to establish a link between trade, economic growth and income inequality in Bangladesh. The empirical results from a Vector Autoregression (VAR) model suggest that there is some evidence of trade liberalization accelerating growth in Bangladesh. Trade openness promotes investment. We find little evidence of trade(More)
In this paper an intelligent system for remote patient physical condition monitoring service module for an Intelligent Robot Swarm for Attendance, Recognition, Cleaning and Delivery (iWARD) [1] is reported. The system algorithm and module software is implemented in C/C++, and the Orca robotics [2] components use the OpenCV[3] image analysis and processing(More)
Nowadays Internet of Things (IoT) and Remote Sensing (RS) techniques are used in different area of research for monitoring, collecting and analysis data from remote locations. Due to the vast increase in global industrial output, rural to urban drift and the over-utilization of land and sea resources, the quality of water available to people has(More)
To accomplish control tasks, an emerging innovative method of automation is voice control. In conjunction with Lab VIEW [1] and Windows Speech recognition [2], the two most human interactive activities; drawing of curtains and switching on and off of lights are controlled. This will help in improving living standard by making living easier for elderly(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of an automatic PCB drilling machine that can be used for drilling prototype PCB boards. The Model design is described first, and then the paper moves on to the electronic hardware designing phase where each component is explained and then moves on to explain the program logic written for the automatic PCB(More)
Liquid levels are measured in a variety of industrial applications, and are often measured manually, which can be labor-intensive as well as time-consuming. Rapid advances in electronic technologies have made a variety of inexpensive sensing, monitoring, and control capabilities available. A mechatronic design solution is produced to solve a practical(More)
In generally, predictive maintenance of induction motors is well suited for small to larger scale industries in order to reduce downtime, increase efficiency and reliability. In this paper, the vibration and temperature of the induction motor is analyzed in order to gather specific information that can predict motor's bearing failure. Well analyzed(More)
Nowadays rate of vehicle theft is very high all through the world and the situation are even worse in developing country. Therefore, protection of vehicles with an intelligent, reliable, effective and economical system is very important. The existing technologies for vehicle security have a number of limitations including high false alarm rate, easy(More)
Using model selection techniques based on out-of-sample predictive ability criterion in a Vector Autoregression (VAR) framework, this paper empirically examines the causal relations among growth, trade, and wage inequality in Bangladesh between 1971 and 2000. There is some evidence of bi-directional causality between growth and inequality and between trade(More)