K. A. Kuznetsov

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The paper is concerned with a project of data integration system designed for work in the Linked Open Data space. A system architecture is suggested, and basic principles of its functioning are discussed. For data integration, it is proposed to use a combined approach based on Linked Data sets. The system can be applied for integration of data from numerous(More)
We study the THz wave generation by the time-domain spectroscopy method in low-temperature grown InGaAs layers on InP substrates with crystallographic orientations (100) and (411) It was found that the THz wave generation is 3-5 times more effective in the case of (411)A InP substrates as compared to the (100) substrates. In samples grown at high pressure(More)
Under observation were 25 patients with grave diffuse peritonitis. Histochemically, the activity of oxidation-reduction enzymes in leukocytes of peripheral blood was determined. It was found that the control of enzymic activity at the cellular level and determination of the concentration of lactic and pyruvic acids permitted the detection of hypoxic(More)
Aquantitative HPLC method was developed for pharmacokinetic analysis of adenine derivative VMA-99-82. The method was highly sensitive and selective and could be used in bioassays. The sample preparation method was optimized and had practically no effect on the average measurement error of the quantitative chromatographic method.
Liver hemodynamics was experimentally studied in a model of acute heart failure caused by successive ligation of coronary artery branches and the following cardiogenic shock and during assisted circulation using intraaortic balloon contrapulsation. It has been established that intraaortic balloon contrapulsation promotes to the elimination of hemodynamic(More)
Pharmacokinetics of morpholinoethylimidazobenzimidazole derivative RU-1205 with kappa-agonist activity have been studied. The pharmacokinetic parameters were determined upon intravenous (10 mg/kg), peroral, and subcutaneous (50 mg/kg) administration. It is established that RU-1205 substance has high bioavailability (44.17 and 56.03% upon peroral and(More)