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Skin thickness varies considerably between different races and age-groups, between men and women, and between different regions of the body surface. A few authors reported the skin thickness of different regions of the body, but no detailed study have been performed on Asian. We performed 452 biopsies on 28 different regions of the normal skin of Korean men(More)
When operating in and around the orbit, the key to a successful result is precise anatomical localization. However, there is no precise study about the localization of vital orbital structures from reliable periorbital bony anatomy of the Korean adult. This study was constructed to give pertinent anatomical measurements to which the plastic and(More)
Ectropion or scleral show resulting from weakness of the lower eyelids is not uncommon after lower blepharoplasty or midface lift via blepharoplasty incision. Denervation of the pretarsal orbicularis oculi muscle (OOM) attributes to such complications. The authors analyzed 102 patients who underwent midface lift via lower blepharoplasty incision for the(More)
10009 Background: Fenretinide (4-HPR), a cytotoxic retinoid, achieved limited and variable plasma levels when tested in a corn oil-based capsule. 4HPR/Lym-X-Sorb (LXS) oral powder is a new formulation intended to increase bioavailability, especially in children. METHODS This trial sought to define the toxicities, dose limiting toxicities (DLTs), maximum(More)
As stem cells are capable of self-renewal and can generate differentiated progenies for organ development, they are considered as potential source for regenerative medicine and tissue replacement after injury or disease. Along with this capacity, stem cells have the therapeutic potential for treating human diseases including cancers. According to the(More)
Polymorphisms of prion protein gene (PRNP) at codons 129 and 219 play an important role in the susceptibility to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). Alzheimer's disease (AD) and prion diseases, such as CJD, are both characterized by the accumulation of abnormally folded proteins in the brain. An association between sporadic AD and the PRNP polymorphism at(More)
BACKGROUND Left liver graft from a small donor will not meet the metabolic demands of a larger adult recipient. One solution to this problem is to use a right liver graft without a middle hepatic vein (MHV). However, the need for drainage from the MHV tributaries has not yet been described. METHODS Five right liver grafts without a MHV were transplanted(More)
A limited number of experimental animal studies and in vitro data confirm that nicotine impairs bone healing, diminishes osteoblast function, causes autogenous bone graft morbidity, and decreases graft biomechanical properties. Therefore, our long-term goal is to develop an effective therapy to reverse the adverse impact of nicotine from tobacco products.(More)
The regeneration of bone is a remarkable, complex physiological process, and BMPs are a formidable clinical tool to promote its regeneration. By defining roles played by BMPs in developmental biology and bone regeneration, significant progress has been made to identify cell-signaling molecules and their regulators. For example, the regulators of BMPs that(More)