K A Flessland

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The present report describes an Intranasal Nicotine Aerosol Delivery Device (INADD) employing an artist's airbrush as aerosolizer and precise, electromechanical control of spray duration. It was designed for the administration of controlled doses of nicotine in a laboratory setting and has been used successfully in over 30 smokers and nonsmokers of both(More)
The Tridimensional Personality Questionnaire (TPQ) was developed by Cloninger (1986) to measure heritable variation in three patterns of response to environmental stimuli: novelty seeking, harm avoidance, and reward dependence. Cloninger (1987) used the TPQ to identify two types of alcoholism: Type 1 (low novelty seeking, high harm avoidance and reward(More)
Hypothesizing the existence of a subgroup of female smokers for whom nicotine masks, and abstinence unmasks, a tendency toward hyperphagia and perhaps even subthreshold disordered eating, we compared female "weight-control smokers" (WC; n = 46) and "non-weight-control smokers" (NWC; n = 52) on smoking- and eating-related variables. We also examined the(More)
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