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In this letter, we present a 15-nm-diameter InAs nanowire MOSFET with excellent on and off characteristics. An n-i-n doping profile was used to reduce the source and drain resistances, and an Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>/HfO<sub>2</sub> bilayer was introduced in the high- process. The nanowires exhibit high drive currents, up to 1.25 A/mm, normalized to the(More)
We present electrical characterization of GaSb/InAs(Sb) nanowire tunnel field-effect transistors. The broken band alignment of the GaSb/InAs(Sb) heterostructure is exploited to allow for interband tunneling without a barrier, leading to high on-current levels. We report a maximum drive current of 310 &#x03BC;A/&#x03BC;m at <i>VDS</i> = 0.5 V. Devices with(More)
Steep-slope devices, such as tunnel field-effect transistors (TFETs), have recently gained interest due to their potential for low power operation at room temperature. The devices are based on inter-band tunneling which could limit the on-current since the charge carriers must tunnel through a barrier to traverse the device. The InAs/GaSb heterostructure(More)
We report on measurements of the light absorption efficiency of InSb nanowires. The absorbed 70 fs light pulse generates carriers, which equilibrate with the lattice via electron-phonon coupling. The increase in lattice temperature is manifested as a strain that can be measured with X-ray diffraction. The diffracted X-ray signal from the excited sample was(More)
We present a growth study and structural characterization of InP-InSb nanowire heterostructures. In contrast to planar epitaxy, this heterostructure can be realized in nanowires without the formation of dislocations, despite an extreme lattice-mismatch (10.4%). We obtain high crystal quality in the InSb nanowires, confirmed by a narrow 111 reflection peak(More)
InAs nanowires (NW) grown by MOCVD with diameter d as small as 10 nm and gate-all-around (GAA) MOSFETs with d = 12-15 nm are demonstrated. I<sub>on</sub> = 314 &#x03BC;A/&#x03BC;m, and S<sub>sat</sub> =68 mV/dec was achieved at V<sub>dd</sub> = 0.5 V (I<sub>off</sub> = 0.1 &#x03BC;A/&#x03BC;m). Highest g<sub>m</sub> measured is 2693 &#x03BC;S/&#x03BC;m.(More)
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