K. A. Dhanya

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Emotion classification is an active area of research. It is difficult to differentiate among different emotion categories. This paper deals with classification of emotions into seven different categories such as (i) Anger, (ii) Disgust, (iii) Fear, (iv) Guilt, (v) Joy, (vi) Sadness, and (vii) Shame using ngram (unigram, bigram, and trigram) features. The(More)
In this paper, we propose a statistical approach for smartphone malware detection. A set of features such as hardware, permission, application components, filtered intents, opcodes and strings are extracted from the samples to form a vector space model. Feature selection methods such as Entropy based Category Coverage Difference (ECCD) and Weighted Mutual(More)
Intrusion detection is used to protect the system from inside and outside attacks. Evolutionary algorithm has an important role in intrusion detection. Evolutionary algorithms are highly responsive for feature space reduction. The minimal number of features can improve the performance of an intrusion detection system. Thus we propose an intrusion detection(More)
The popularity and openness of Android platform encourage malware authors to penetrate various market places with malicious applications. As a result, malware detection has become a critical topic in security. Currently signature-based system is able to detect malware only if it is properly documented. This reveals the need to find new malware detection(More)
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