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PURPOSE An epidemiological study, concerning the prevalence of myopia among the student population (15-18 years old) of Northern Greece, was carried out. METHODS Specific questionnaires were used in order to collect data on the refractive condition of students. RESULTS Myopia prevalence was 36.8% and was found to be more common in females (46.0%) than(More)
PURPOSE To assess the prevalence of astigmatism in a sample of 1738 students (15-18 years old) from Northern Greece. METHODS Collection of the sample was based on a questionnaire method. Statistical analysis included estimation of the prevalence of astigmatism and the distribution of students according to their cylindrical values. We also checked whether(More)
The in vitro activity of aztreonam, the first monobactam antibiotic, was compared with that of 17 other antimicrobial agents against 79 strains of Salmonella species. The microorganisms were isolated from hospitalized patients, surface waters and seafoods during the decade 1975-1984. They included the following species: Salmonella typhi 63, Salmonella(More)
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