K. A. Dawson

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BACKGROUND Intradiscal electrothermal therapy (IDET) is a treatment for discogenic low back pain the efficacy of which has not been rigorously tested. PURPOSE To compare the efficacy of IDET with that of a placebo treatment. STUDY DESIGN/SETTING Randomized, placebo-controlled, prospective trial. PATIENT SAMPLE Patients were recruited by referral and(More)
The relative allocation of resources to male and female functions may vary among flowers within and among individual plants for many reasons. Several theoretical models of sex allocation in plants predict a positive correlation between the resource status of a flower or individual and the proportion of reproductive resources allocated to female function.(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the implications of use of differential thresholds for studying medical Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). METHODS Self-report data from 6,542 young adult survivors of childhood cancer and 374 of their siblings were used to create clearly differentially defined groups to compare prevalence, correlations and predictors of(More)
Time seems to accelerate with increasing age. This subjective acceleration or compression may be due to the operation of a linear or a square-root function that relates present age to past age. A subjective magnitude-estimation technique was applied in a questionnaire given to 282 university students to determine which function best fitted the data. The(More)
BACKGROUND Investigations related to tuberculosis (TB) cases on airline flights have received increased attention in recent years. In Canada, reports of air travel by individuals with active TB are sent to the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) for public health risk assessment and contact follow-up. A descriptive analysis was conducted to examine(More)
The bidirectional model of psychological time, that past and future orientations change in opposite directions with increasing age, was tested. Age was positively related to the number of life experiences recalled by 67 college students from the distant past but was negatively correlated with life experiences expected to occur in the near or distant future.(More)
STUDY DESIGN Temperatures were measured in human cadaveric lumbar discs during intradiscal electrothermal therapy. OBJECTIVES To determine if sufficient temperatures for collagen denaturation and nociceptive ablation can be achieved at clinically significant distances from the intradiscal electrothermal therapy heating catheter. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND(More)
A major barrier to widespread clinical implementation of Monte Carlo dose calculation is the difficulty in characterizing the radiation source within a generalized source model. This work aims to develop a generalized three-component source model (target, primary collimator, flattening filter) for 6- and 18-MV photon beams that match full phase-space data(More)
One of the characteristics of highly invaded ecosystems is that exotic species are often poor invaders of edaphically severe sites, which become refuges for native flora. To investigate the invasive potential of Lolium multiflorum (Per.) into alkali sites in California, an ex-situ reciprocal transfer experiment was carried out using seeds from populations(More)