K. A. Dawson

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For a color constant observer, the color appearance of a surface is independent of the spectral composition of the light illuminating it. We ask how rapidly color appearance judgments are updated following a change in illumination. We obtained repeated binary color classifications for a set of stimuli defined by their reflectance functions and rendered(More)
In this paper we extend the Gaussian self–consistent method to permit study of the equilibrium and kinetics of conformational transitions for heteropolymers with any given primary sequence. The kinetic equations earlier derived by us are transformed to a form containing only the mean squared distances between pairs of monomers. These equations are further(More)
  • M-T.Kechadi, R. G. Reilly, K. A. Dawson, Yu.A. Kuznetsov, E. G. Timoshenko
  • 2001
— In this paper we present a method to study the folding structure of a simple model consisting of two kinds of monomers, hydrophobic and hydrophilic. This method has three main steps: an efficient simulation method to bring an open sequence of homopolymer to a folded state, the application of a painting method called regular hull to the folded globule and(More)
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