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The nine ptl genes (A-I) are required for efficient secretion of pertussis toxin past the outer membrane. Mutations were made in ptlA-H by filling in unique restriction sites, generating in-frame deletions, or inserting a FLAG epitope tag. The mutations were cloned into a suicide shuttle plasmid containing the ptxptl operon and introduced into the adenylate(More)
Pertussis toxin accumulates in the periplasm of Bordetella pertussis prior to secretion, and we examined its fate following treatment with antimicrobial agents. Both antibiotics that inhibit protein synthesis (erythromycin and chloramphenicol), transcription (rifampin), or cell wall biosynthesis (cefoperazone and piperacillin) and magnesium sulfate (which(More)
Pertussis toxin is a member of the AB(5) family of toxins and is composed of five subunits (S1 to S5) present in a 1:1:1:2:1 ratio. Secretion is a complex process. Each subunit has a secretion signal that mediates transport to the periplasm, where processing and assembly occur. Secretion of the assembled 105-kDa toxin past the outer membrane is mediated by(More)
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