K. A. Cliffe

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We consider the numerical solution of elliptic partial differential equations with random coefficients. Such problems arise, for example, in uncertainty quantification for groundwater flow. We describe a novel variance reduction technique for the standard Monte Carlo method, called the multilevel Monte Carlo method. The main result is that in certain(More)
The steady, axisymmetric laminar flow of a Newtonian fluid past a centrally-located sphere in a pipe first loses stability with increasing flow rate at a steady, O(2)-symmetry breaking bifurcation point. Using group theoretic results, a number of authors have suggested techniques for locating singularities in branches of solutions which are invariant with(More)
In this review we discuss bifurcation theory in a Banach space setting using the singularity theory developed by Golubitsky and Schaeffer to classify bi-furcation points. The numerical analysis of bifurcation problems is discussed and the convergence theory for several important bifurcations is described for both projection and finite difference methods.(More)
Following the pioneering work of Keller and others in the 1970s and ’80s, numerical techniques for solving non-linear systems of equations that exhibit bifurcations have been developed to the point where they can potentially be applied to a wide range of problems arising in continuum mechanics. The central idea is to augment the discretised governing(More)
We present the results of a numerical investigation of the Ericksen-Leslie equations for the problem of electrohydrodynamic convection in a nematic liquid crystal. The combination of a finite element approach and numerical bifurcation techniques allows us to provide details of the basic flow and include the physically relevant effect of nonslip side walls.(More)
Psychotherapy supervision has been investigated extensively, but the literature reveals few controlled studies and none that directly assesses the effects of supervision on psychotherapy outcome. In this study, two aspects of psychotherapy supervision--the amount of supervision, and the congruence of theoretical orientation between the supervisor and(More)