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Over a range of soil series, the responses to applied P were measured with Swedish turnips and potatoes in field experiments and with oats in a pot experiment. Phosphorus was extracted from soil samples, taken before the experiments were started, by acetic acid, Morgan's, bicarbonate, resin and lactate methods. The relationships between the amounts of soil(More)
Endosperm protein components from common bread wheats (Triticum aestivum L.) and related species were extracted with aluminum lactate, pH 3.2, and examined by electrophoresis in the same buffer. Electrophoretic patterns of the albumins and globulins were compared to evaluate the possibility that a particular species might have contributed its genome to(More)
Aromatic β-hydroxyoximes undergo unusual fragmentation reactions as protonated or cationized species, as radical cations, or as (M - H)(-) ions, As protonated species, they expel OH ' from the oxime functionality in violation of the even electron rule. Parallel eliminations of alkyl radicals follow OH' loss when the aromatic ring is substituted with an(More)
Accurate mass measurements were used to assign elemental compositions and tandem mass spectrometry was used to characterize the peak-at-every-mass background ions produced by kiloelectron-volt-particle bombardment of neat fast-atom bombardment matrices. The majority of the background ions observed in the mass spectrum of neat glycerol was identified. On the(More)
An automated, computerized color-vision test was designed to diagnose congenital red-green color-vision defects. The observer viewed a yellow appearing CRT screen. The principle was to measure increment thresholds for three different chromaticities, the background yellow, a red, and a green chromaticity. Spatial and temporal parameters were chosen to favor(More)
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