K. A. Anu Appaiah

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The culture supernatant ofPseudomonas tralucida (Ptm+ strain) produces an agent which can emulsify the insecticide hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH), which was secreted by resting cells. Emulsifying agent is most active with α-HCH, and has some activity towards other chlorinated and phosphatic insecticides. The emulsifier is a heat stable macromolecule and(More)
Brevibacillus brevis MMB 12 a new isolated bacteria from curd, was found to set curd within 5 hours of incubation at temperature of 42C and showed a good shelf life, with thick invertible consistency up to 192 hours (8 days) of fermentation at ambient conditions. Curd was prepared by inoculating Brevibacillus brevis MMB 12 strain at 5% level and incubated(More)
Wine was prepared from three varieties of Phyllanthus viz., P. emblica (wild and cultivated) and P. acidus. Among the wines prepared, cultivated Emblica wine had the highest total phenolic (11.02 μg gallic acid equivalent/ml) and flavonoid (59.46 μg quercetin equivalent/ml) content. Further gallic acid, syringic acid, protocatechuic acid and caffeic acid(More)
During the production of grape wine, the formation of thick leathery pellicle/bacterial cellulose (BC) at the airliquid interface was due to the bacterium, which was isolated and identified as Gluconacetobacter hansenii UAC09. Cultural conditions for bacterial cellulose production from G. hansenii UAC09 were optimized by central composite rotatable(More)
Production of biosurfactant can be substantially increased by the addition of precursors like vegetable oils, petroleum products, and other water-insoluble substances. Pseudomonas Ptm+ strain produces biosurfactant in the presence of hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH), which specifically emulsifies HCH, a recalcitrant organochlorine pesticide. Addition of(More)
The work is aimed to investigate the suitability of underutilized coffee cherry husk (CCH) for the production and optimization of bacterial cellulose (BC) by Gluconacetobacter hansenii UAC09 and to study the physico-mechanical properties of BC films. CCH extract was used as a carbon source in various concentrations along with other nutritional components(More)
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