K. A. Abdul Nazeer

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Recent progress in bioinformatics research has led to the accumulation of huge quantities of biological data at various data sources. The DNA microarray technology makes it possible to simultaneously analyze large number of genes across different samples. Clustering of microarray data can reveal the hidden gene expression patterns from large quantities of(More)
BACKGROUND Identification of pathways that show significant difference in activity between disease and control samples have been an interesting topic of research for over a decade. Pathways so identified serve as potential indicators of aberrations in phenotype or a disease condition. Recently, epigenetic mechanisms such as DNA methylation are known to play(More)
Data mining is a set of problem solving skills, instructions and methods applied upon variety of domains to discover and create useful systems that are used to solve practical problems. Clustering technique defines classes and put objects which are related to them in one class on the other hand in classification objects are placed in predefined classes.(More)
The identification of new therapeutic uses of existing drugs, or drug repositioning, offers the possibility of faster drug development, reduced risk, lesser cost and shorter paths to approval. The advent of high throughput microarray technology has enabled comprehensive monitoring of transcriptional response associated with various disease states and drug(More)
Data Mining is special field of computer science concerned with the automated extraction of patterns of knowledge implicitly stored in large databases, data warehouses and other large data repositories. Clustering is one of the Data Mining tasks which is used to cluster objects on the basis of their nearness to the central value. It is a method of grouping(More)
Analysis done on the nature of the data posted on the World Wide Web (WWW) reveal that more than 80% of the data over the WWW is in unstructured text format. Hence extracting information from text is of paramount importance both for academic and business purposes. Simultaneously, evolution of web technology led to the novel concept of Semantic Web, which is(More)
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