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Constraint logic programming (CLP) is an extension of logic programming by introducing the facility of writing and solving constraints in a certain domain. CAL (Contrainte avec Logique) is a CLP language in which (possibly non-linear) polynomial equations can be written as constraints, while almost all the other CLP languages proposed so far have(More)
We propose an algorithm for the determination of three dimensional shape and perspective based on the response of the human visual system to changes in visual textures. Current computer vision algorithms are computationally intensive and show inherent diflculties in integrating additional cues for the determination of shape, such as shading, contour, or(More)
We have developed the NEXUS simulation environment as a tool for modeling largescale neural systems. The software is written in C and runs under UNIX. A unique aspect of NEXUS is that it is particularly suited for simulating hybrid neural models (i.e. systems integrating di erent modeling paradigms and/or architectures.) NEXUS is designed for large-scale(More)