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Quaternary coastal uplift along the Talara Arc (Ecuador, Northern Peru) from new marine terrace data
Marine terrace sequences have been investigated along the Talara Arc, a 1000-km-long stretch of the coast of Ecuador and northern Peru, characterized by subduction with a concave plan-view. SevenExpand
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Present-day trends of vertical ground motion along the coast lines
Vertical ground motion (VGM) rates stand as crucial information, either for predicting the impact of the actual sea level rise along low-lying coasts or refining geodynamic problems. Because presentExpand
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Renewed uplift of the Central Andes Forearc revealed by coastal evolution during the Quaternary
Most of the Pacific coast of the Central Andes, between 15°S and 30°S, displays a wide (a couple of kilometres) planar feature, gently dipping oceanwards and backed by a cliff. This morphology,Expand
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Plio-Quaternary uplift of the Manta Peninsula and La Plata Island and the subduction of the Carnegie Ridge, central coast of Ecuador
This paper quantifies the uplift of the Manta Peninsula and La Plata Island (Ecuador) using marine terraces. These marine terraces are part of a more extensive segment of uplifting coast extendingExpand
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Coastal staircase sequences reflecting sea-level oscillations and tectonic uplift during the Quaternary and Neogene
Many coasts feature sequences of Quaternary and Neogene shorelines that are shaped by a combination of sea-level oscillations and tectonics. We compiled a global synthesis of sea-level changes forExpand
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Coastal Quaternary morphologies on the northern coast of the South China Sea, China, and their implications for current tectonic models: A review and preliminary study
Marine terraces, tidal notches and sediments along a 1200-km-long stretch of the northern coast of the South China Sea passive margin were studied and divided into five areas with varying tectonicExpand
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Does Kamchatka belong to North America? An extruding Okhotsk block suggested by coastal neotectonics of the Ozernoi Peninsula, Kamchatka, Russia
This paper addresses one part of an outstanding tectonic problem regarding the nature of the plate boundary between Eurasia and North America in northeastern Russia. In this region, the northwesternExpand
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Morphological and microtectonic analysis of Quaternary deformation from Puná and Santa Clara Islands, Gulf of Guayaquil, Ecuador (South America)
Abstract This paper presents the neotectonic study of Santa Clara and Puna Islands sited in the Gulf of Guayaquil eastern part. Both islands are located on the south-western segment of the fault zoneExpand
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Transpressional tectonics in the Marrakech High Atlas: Insight by the geomorphic evolution of drainage basins
The Ouzzelarh Massif extends across the Marrakech High Atlas (MHA) and forms the highest elevated mountain belt. To better understand the evolution of collision-related topography, we present theExpand
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