Käthe Jentzsch

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Eight patients who received gynecological implants with Fletcher-Suit type applicators were involved in this study. An orthogonal pair of films and computed tomographic scans were obtained for each patient. In the CT study, judicious use of contrast materials and selective window and level settings permitted clear delineation of the bladder and the rectum(More)
Experience with CNS prophylaxis in 35 children with acute lymphatic leukaemia is reported. Before prophylactic irradiation of the skull was given the average survival time in 36 children was 2,8 (2,7) years. Menigeal leukaemia preceeded bone marrow relapse in 9 cases and followed relapse in a further 5 cases (39%). Between 1971 and 1973 Pinkel's treatment(More)
Sialyltransferase activity was estimated in serum samples of patients with cancer and controls using immobilized asialo-fetuin as the acceptor and cytidine-5'-monophospho [14C] sialic acid as the donor. The data suggest that increased enzyme activity can be found in more than 80% of the samples from patients with malignant diseases.
The indication for radiotherapy in neuroblastoma depends on the stage of the disease; the irradiation dosage depends on the age of the child. The tumour is radiosensitive, but tends to recur if the irradiation dosage is inadequate. Irradiation of the tumour may induce coversion to a more differentiated tumor pattern. Radiotherapy can reduce the tumour(More)
The 2-nitroimidazole derivate Ro 07-0582 is known from experimental studies to be a very efficient radiosensitizer of hypoxic cells. Experiences with its clinical use are very limited so far. This study reports the side effects observed in the use of this drug in 12 patients. Nine of these patients were suffering from brain tumors, 3 from extracerebral(More)
1. A report is presented on the clinical picture and necropsy findings of a 30 year old women who showed severe destructive inflammation of the joints and juxta-articular, calcareous nodules and lipoids in primary chronic polyarthritis. Instead of the typical morphological changes there were foam cells in the synovia and as a manifestation of the(More)
One to eight week-old primary tissue cultures of human tumours (1 rhabomysarcoma, 1 renal adenocarcinoma, 1 hymphogranuloma, 2 melanomas) and cultures of chicken embryo cells and HeLa-cells were tested for their sensitivity to chemotherapeutic agents. The drugs tested were: vincristine, actinomycin D, adriblastine, bleomycin. The drug effect was recorded by(More)