Kátia Blumberg

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The authors describe two proved and two presumed cases of cuboid fractures in toddlers. These children were seen because of their inability to bear weight on the affected foot following a fall. Initial radiographs were normal; however, early scintigraphy revealed focal uptake in the cuboid. Follow-up radiographs demonstrated characteristic sclerosis of the(More)
Multiple Sclerosis (ME) is a chronic progressive disease characterized by relapses of demyelination that can occur anywhere in the brain stem, spinal cord and optic nerve. Since central diabetes insipidus (DI) is mainly caused by central nervous system damage (such as trauma, surgery, tumor, infection, sarcoidosis), ME is included among its possible(More)
Three analogs of phosphoenolpyruvic acid: (Z)-phosphoenol-3-fluoropyruvate, (Z)-phosphoenol-3-bromopyruvate and (Z)-phosphoenol-alpha-ketobutyrate were found to be substrates for yeast pyruvate kinase (ATP: pyruvate (Z)-O-phosphotransferase, EC maximal velocities much greater than those found for rabbit muscle pyruvate kinase. The analogs(More)
As the initially slow-conducting thalamo-cortical and long-range motor-sensory connections develop 3,25 , the temporal prolongation of sensory feedback by the self-generated spindle may assist in strengthening the new connections, thus contributing to the establishment of sensorimotor coordination. A Methods Neocortical recordings were made from freely(More)
each 90 min, were given each day. Birds that produced soft (subsong) vocalizations during tutoring were banded and transferred to individual custom sound attenuating chambers where tutoring continued until a total of 60 days was reached. Eight birds were tutored with the forward phrase-pair ensemble, eight others received tutoring with the reversed(More)