Károly Bozsonyi

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The authors studied the seasonal fluctuation of suicide events in Hungary in a 31-year period. A summer maximum and a winter minimum were found in both genders. A second autumn peak did not occur among women. The suicide rate of Hungary fell markedly in 1998, parallel with the fundamental political-economical-social changes in the country. After 1988 the(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of the study was to examine the relationship between suicide frequency and the days of the week and major public holidays in Hungary (1970-2002). The analysis was based on data of approximately 140,000 suicides. The authors intended to examine whether the "broken promise effect" (Gabennesch), which is cited with increasing frequency in(More)
The suicide rate on religious and public holidays was examined for 133,699 suicides for Hungary for the period 1970-2002. For both men and women, more suicides were committed on Monday, while fewer were committed on the weekends. More suicides occurred on New Year's Day than expected. On Christmas Day and on Easter Sunday and Monday, suicides were less(More)
Authors review the literature related to the suicide and the victims' birthday, but they have not found study, which have shown a strong connection. They investigated a large Hungarian sample using the well-known methods, but they have applied also a new one supposing they will found some connection. All the three methods have shown a strong relationship(More)
UNLABELLED Problem posing:According to a number of psychiatrists, the decrease in the number of suicides can almost exclusively be ascribed to the increasing use of new antidepressants (ADs). Several ecological studies have been carried out to lend support to this claim; unfortunately, many of these started out from either methodologically or statistically(More)
AIM The relationship of suicide and gambling is a neglected field in the study of suicidology. In Hungary, no statistical studies have been published to date with regard to the whole of the population. Our study investigates the relationship between a very popular high prize game, lottery, and suicide rates. METHOD The relationship between daily rates of(More)
In our study, we set out to investigate whether there is a significant relationship between the count (raw rate) of suicides committed and the summer Olympic Games in such an achievement-oriented society like the Hungarian one, where summer Olympic Games receive extremely considerable attention. For our study, we examined the suicide cases occurring over(More)
BACKGROUND Several studies found a significant relationship between important sport events and suicidal behavior. AIMS We set out to investigate whether there is a significant relationship between the raw suicide rate and the most important international sports events (Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championship) in such an(More)
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