Károly-Attila Szabó

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The chlorophyll content and the fluorescence induction kinetics at two wavelengths (690 nm and 735 nm) have been measured in leaves of nine common broadleaf tree species during the autumnal chlorophyll breakdown. The ratio of the chlorophyll fluorescence maxima F690/F735 was determined at fluorescence maximum (fm) and at steady-state conditions (fs) by the(More)
A new device for the measurement of complete laser induced fluorescence emission spectra (maxima near 690 and 735 nm) of leaves during the induction of the chlorophyll fluorescence is described. In this the excitation light (cw He/Ne laser, 632.8 nm) is switched on by a fast electro-mechanical shutter which provides an opening time of 1 ms. The emitted(More)
Movements of human populations leave their traces in the genetic makeup of the areas affected; the same applies to the horses that move with their owners This study is concerned with the mitochondrial control region genotypes of 31 archaeological horse remains, excavated from pre-conquest Avar and post-conquest Hungarian burial sites in the Carpathian Basin(More)
In the present study sweet pepper plants, Capsicum annuum, were planted in greenhouse and open field conditions to test the effect of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus (AMF) Rhizophagus irregularis on phytophagous and predatory arthropod populations. Furthermore, we tested the hypothesis that AMF may increase the crop yield (number of fruits and their(More)
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