Kálmán Bolla

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In this paper we develop a reliable visual recognition, distance measurement and identification algorithm to detect and identify kin robots in a mobile-robot swarm. Every robot in the swarm is equipped with a zebra pattern and our idea is based on the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), which has a relatively low complexity. We sampled the camera images of the(More)
This paper focuses on a barcode pattern based kin recognition, identification and distance evaluation method for mobile-robot swarms. Every robot in the swarm is equipped with a unique, barcode like pattern. The robots capture images of other teammates and then the images are analysed by a Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) in order to find kin robots on the(More)
Original scientific paper In the present paper the constant parameters of the (car following) Intelligent Driver Model are calibrated so as to obtain correct flow capacities of a signalized intersection. The calibration is based on measured time-headway parameters of the consecutive vehicles. The measurement data were taken from the work published by Dey et(More)
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