Jyun-ichi Nakagawa

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The nuclear lamina is an intermediate filament-type network underlying the inner nuclear membrane. Phosphorylation of lamin proteins is believed to cause lamina disassembly during meiotic and mitotic M phase, but the M phase-specific lamin kinase has not been identified. Here we show that the cdc2 kinase, a major element implicated in controlling the(More)
Following the identification of the cdc2 kinase as a major element controlling entry of cells into mitosis, it is important to define the physiological target range of this enzyme. Here, we demonstrate that two major nucleolar proteins, nucleolin and NO38, are highly phosphorylated during mitosis. Importantly, the two nucleolar proteins are also(More)
We describe a cell-free system for studying mitotic reorganization of nuclear structure. The system utilizes soluble extracts prepared from metaphase-arrested somatic chicken cells and supports both the disassembly and subsequent partial reassembly of exogenous nuclei. By fluorescence microscopy, biochemical fractionation, protein phosphorylation assays and(More)
The safety and efficacy of one-year administration of propiverine hydrochloride (BUP-4 tablets) were assessed in facilities affiliated with the Department of Urology of Yokohama City University School of Medicine. Changes in subjective symptoms showed significant improvement in mean frequency of urination in the daytime from 10.3 +/- 4.0 times before(More)