Jyun-Ichi Endo

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In plants, salicylic acid induces both systemic acquired resistance (SAR) and flowering. We found that flower induction in the Lemna species was promoted by reactive oxygen species-generating conditions and SAR inducers. The present paper suggests that SAR in plants and flowering in Lemna share common inducers.
The authors previously reported that low doses of labetalol potentiated isoproterenol (ISO)-induced salivation in mice. The present study was carried out to ascertain the potentiating effect of labetalol in in vitro experiments using rat parotid tissue slices and their isolated cells. ISO-induced amylase release was enhanced by low concentrations of(More)
Isoproterenol (ISO)-induced amylase release from rat parotid slices was increased by the addition of methoxamine to either a normal or a calcium (Ca)-free medium. The potentiating effect of methoxamine was completely blocked by the addition of phentolamine, irrespective of whether the slices were incubated in the normal or the Ca-free medium; and the effect(More)
Bile phosphatidyl choline from sheep, in contrast to that from nonruminants, contains low levels of the normal range of polyunsaturated fatty acids. A comparison has been made of the composition of bile phosphatidyl cholines from sheep receiving either a control diet, a control d ie t supplemented with unprotected maize oil, or a control diet supplemented(More)
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