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Two outranking methods, ELECTRE III and PROMETHEE II, commonly used as decision-aid in various environmental problems, and their applications to decision support for natural resources management are presented. These methods represent 'the European school' of multi-criteria decision making (MCDM), as opposed to 'the American school', represented by, for(More)
A. 2005. Evaluation of the multicriteria approval method for timber-harvesting group decision support. Silva Fennica 39(2): 249–264. The decision support methods most often used in timber-harvesting planning are based on a single criterion. In this study, a voting-theory-based method called multicriteria approval (MA) is introduced to the group decision(More)
SWOT is a widely applied tool in strategic decision support. In SWOT, the internal and external factors most important for the enterprise's future are grouped into four categories: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. By applying SWOT in a strategic planning process, the aim usually is to develop and adopt a strategy resulting in a good fit(More)
T. 2000. Integrating timber price scenario modeling with tactical management planning of private forestry at forest holding level. Silva Fennica 34(4): 399–409. In forest management planning, deterministic timber prices are typically assumed. However, real-life timber prices vary in the course of time, and also price peaks, i.e. exceptionally high timber(More)
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