Jyri Sariola

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Forty Finnish Ayrshire cows, 16 primiparous and 24 multiparous, were randomly assigned to 1 of 2 treatments (FF1 or FF5). Total mixed ration (TMR) was fed once a day on the FF1 treatment and 5 times a day on the FF5 treatment. The experiment began at calving and continued to wk 28 of lactation. The TMR consisted of a grass silage and concentrate mix. The(More)
Chronic tinnitus may develop because peripheral insults to the auditory system produce maladaptive changes in susceptible brain areas that serve as trigger zones. Trigger zones may produce a cascade of events affecting other brain areas that then serve as more permanent generator sites [Brozoski & Bauer, 2005]. The role of the cerebellum in auditory(More)
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