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Snake bite is a well-known occupational hazard amongst farmers, plantation workers, and other outdoor workers and results in much morbidity and mortality throughout the world. This occupational hazard is no more an issue restricted to a particular part of the world; it has become a global issue. Accurate statistics of the incidence of snakebite and its(More)
Diaphragmatic injuries are relatively rare and result from either blunt or penetrating trauma. Regardless of the mechanism, diagnosis is often missed and high index of suspicion is vital. The clinical signs associated with a diaphragmatic hernia can range from no outward signs to immediately life-threatening respiratory compromise. Establishing the clinical(More)
INTRODUCTION Incidence of community acquired methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA) is increasing. Toxic shock syndrome (TSS), Necrotizing fasciitis (NF), Symmetrical peripheral gangrene (SPG) as a manifestation of CA-MRSA are rare in pediatrics. CASE PRESENTATION We report a young boy who presented with TSS, NF and SPG by CA-MRSA following(More)
In ‘Modified BURP’ maneuver’, the patient lies supine with a sniffing position. The thumb and middle finger are applied to the cricoid cartilage and the index finger is applied to the left hand side of the thyroid cartilage. Pressure is applied to both of these structures, downwards, superiorly, and to the right hand side. This maneuver was intended to be a(More)
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