Jyoti Singhai

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Video stabilization is a video processing technique to enhance the quality of input video by removing the undesired camera motions. There are various approaches used for stabilizing the captured videos. Most of the existing methods are either very complex or does not perform well for slow and smooth motion of hand held mobile videos. Hence it is desired to(More)
In this paper a mixed method by combining an evolutionary and a conventional technique is proposed for reduction of Single Input Single Output (SISO) continuous systems into Reduced Order Model (ROM). In the conventional technique, the mixed advantages of Mihailov stability criterion and continued Fraction Expansions (CFE) technique is employed where the(More)
Accurate and proper diagnosis in shorter time avoids the breast cancer death. The goal is to find breast cancer as early as possible because earlier staging of breast cancer is curable. Support Vector Machine is a useful classifier among other method but the main disadvantage of Support Vector Machine (SVM) is that it's time-consuming to train large dataset(More)
One of the main objectives of order reduction is to design a controller of lower order which can effectively control the original high order system so that the overall system is of lower order and easy to understand. In this paper, a simple method is presented for controller design of a higher order discrete system. First the original higher order discrete(More)
An Ad-Hoc network is a collection of autonomous arbitrarily located wireless nodes, with no fixed infrastructure. A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) consists of a set of mobile hosts. Two nodes can communicate directly with each other if they are within each others range otherwise, intermediate nodes have to relay messages for them. Nodes of an ad hoc network(More)
Problem statement: This study introduced an adaptive thresholding method for removing additive white Gaussian noise from digital images. Approach: Curvelet transform employed in the proposed scheme provides sparse decomposition as compared to the wavelet transform methods which being nongeometrical lack sparsity and fail to show optimal rate of convergence.(More)
Broadcasting is a fundamental operation in MANETs where a source node transmits a message that is to be disseminated to all the nodes in the network. Broadcasting is categorized into deterministic and probabilistic schemes. This paper reviews the probabilistic broadcasting protocol because of its adaptability in changing environment. Probabilistic(More)
In an ad hoc network, the transmission range of nodes is limited; hence nodes mutually cooperate with its neighbouring nodes in order to extend the overall communication. However, along with the cooperative nodes, there may be some reluctant nodes like selfish nodes and malicious nodes present in the network. Such nodes degrade the performance of the(More)
Abdominal CT images have distinct intensity distribution. This feature is used to correct local deformations in the image. Reference and study images are decomposed using wavelet decomposition. Global deformations are first corrected applying rigid registration by use of maximization of Mutual Information as the similarity measure at each level of(More)