Jyoti R. Seth

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Soft particle glasses form a broad family of materials made of deformable particles, as diverse as microgels, emulsion droplets, star polymers, block copolymer micelles and proteins, which are jammed at volume fractions where they are in contact and interact via soft elastic repulsions. Despite a great variety of particle elasticity, soft glasses have many(More)
Aquacultures of microalgae are frontrunners for photosynthetic capture of CO2 from flue gases. Expedient implementation mandates coupling of microalgal CO2 capture with synthesis of fuels and organic products, so as to derive value from biomass. An integrated biorefinery complex houses a biomass growth and harvesting area and a refining zone for conversion(More)
We use fluorescence microscopy and particle tracking velocimetry to image the motion of concentrated emulsions and microgel suspensions near solid surfaces. The local deformation involves a combination of slip and bulk flow, which are found to be controlled by surface forces. With smooth surfaces, two slip mechanisms are identified depending on whether(More)
The effects of incorporating chloro groups at all ortho positions of a diphenylethyne linker that bridges the zinc and free base (Fb) components of a porphyrin dimer (ZnFbB(Cl(4))) have been investigated in detail via various static and time-resolved spectroscopic methods. The excited-state energy-transfer rate in ZnFbB(Cl(4)) ((134 ps)(-)(1)) is 5-fold(More)
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