Jyoti Prakash

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Cloud computing is based on network and computer applications. In cloud data sharing is an important activity. Small, medium, and big organization are use cloud to store their data in minimum rental cost. In present cloud proof their importance in term of resource and network sharing, application sharing and data storage utility. Hence, most of customers(More)
OBJECTIVES Substantial progress has been made in identifying how the treatment parameters used in electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) impact its cognitive side effects. However, there is limited information regarding the role of memory enhancers in post-ECT cognitive disturbances. We evaluated the therapeutic and prophylactic efficacy of the memory-enhancing(More)
BACKGROUND A lot of stigma and misconceptions about pulmonary tuberculosis still persist, in spite of the advances in treatment. Thus, a mere diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis can be a psychological trauma to an individual. The situation has aggravated with the association of tuberculosis with HIV infection. AIM To study the psychiatric morbidity due to(More)
Tobacco-alcohol amblyopia is rare, however, extremely disabling complication seen in patient with alcohol dependence syndrome, which if not addressed properly and at the right time may lead to persisting deficits. We here report a patient of alcohol-dependence syndrome who presented with significant diminution of vision bilaterally in the background of(More)
CONTEXT Adolescence is a very exciting phase of life fraught with many challenges like sexuality. Understanding them is important in helping the adolescents grow up healthily. AIMS To ascertain the attitudes and knowledge about sexuality among school-going adolescents. SETTINGS AND DESIGN Students in two urban schools of an Indian city from class IX to(More)
Enzyme immobilization is an exciting alternative to improve the stability of enzymatic processes and economic viability in terms of reusability. In the current study, purified xylanase from B. licheniformis Alk-1 was immobilized within glutaraldehyde activated calcium alginate beads and characterized in respect of free enzyme. Immobilization increases the(More)
BACKGROUND In our society, adherence to feminine traits by the female gender had been culturally promoted and socially desired. A few studies, however, entertained the possibility that healthy men and women have some common attributes in their gender orientation. Androgyny and masculinity were found related to positive mental health. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
Munchausen syndrome is rare factitious disorder which entails frequent hospitalization, pathological lying and intentional production of symptoms for sick role. Management requires collateral history taking, sound clinical approach, exclusion of organicity and addressing psychological issues. A case which presented with unusual symptoms of similar dimension(More)