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In this paper, Harris Corner Detector is proposed as a corner detection technique to extract palmprint features in the form of corners. Here, hamming distance similarity measurement using sliding window method is used as a feature matching method for the corners detected. The aim of using hamming distance method for corner matching is the non-dependency of(More)
In today's automated world, it is always a great challenge to secure individuals personal information. Palmprint has come out to be one of the most secure and effective biometric methods to automatically identify a person's identity. It contains so many features like geometry features, principal line features, wrinkles, ridges, delta point features, texture(More)
Android, one of the most popular open source mobile operating system, is facing a lot of security issues. Being used by users with varying degrees of awareness complicates the problem further. Most of the security problems are due to maliciousness of android applications. The malwares get installed in mobile phones through various popular applications(More)
Authentication time is the main and important part of the authentication system. Normally the response time should be fast but as the number of persons in the database increases, there is probability of more response time taken for authentication. The need of fast authentication system arises so that authentication time (matching time) is very less. This(More)
Palmprint recognition is a biometric method to automatically identify a person’s identity. In this paper, phase congruency method is proposed to extract features from a palm-print image for authentication. The phase congruency is one of the promising methods to analyse the image as it is invariant to image contrast and therefore can extract reliable(More)
Palmprint recognition refers to recognizing a person on the basis of palmprint features. In this paper, we have proposed a palmprint based biometric authentication method with improvement in accuracy, so as to make it a real time palmprint authentication system. Several edge detection methods, Directional operator, Wavelet transform, Fourier transform etc.(More)