Jyoti Gupta

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Wireless mesh networks (WM Ns) have achieved significant development because of fast deployment, easy maintenance and low investment compared with traditional wireless networks. Since WM Ns are typically used as wireless backbones, they have the nature that the wireless communication is not constant. Hence, it is important to defend them against link or(More)
Cayratia trifolia Linn. Domin Syn. Vitis trifolia (Family: Vitaceae) is commonly known as Fox grape in English; Amlabel, Ramchana in Hindi and Amlavetash in Sanskrit. It is native to India, Asia and Australia. It is a perennial climber having trifoliated leaves with 2-3 cm long petioles and ovate to oblong-ovate leaflets. Flowers are small greenish white(More)
This paper examines the relation between debt and corporate gov-ernance in emerging market economies. We use …rm-level panel data of listed companies from Thailand and Indonesia to analyze the …rm's corporate …nancing behaviors in connection with its corporate gov-ernance arrangements. Our results show that the debt structure is linked to the corporate(More)
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