Jyothsna Patil

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UNLABELLED INTRODUCTION In the thorax there are normally 11 pairs of intercostal spaces: the spaces between adjacent ribs. The intercostal spaces contain intercostal muscles, intercostal nerves and vessels. CASE PRESENTATION During a routine dissection for undergraduate medical students, we observed a variation involving the left 3rd rib and 3rd costal(More)
Ulnar nerve compression at wrist is manifested either pathologically due to ganglia or neoplasms, or anatomically by the presence of accessory muscles in the hypothenar region. Accessory abductor digiti minimi muscle is an additional muscle encountered rarely in the wrist; presence of which causes high risk of ulnar neuropathy. We report here a case of(More)
Vascular variations of the penis are very rare. Awareness of its variations is of utmost importance to the urologists and radiologist dealing with the reconstruction or transplants of penis, erectile dysfunctions, and priapism. We report an extremely rare variation of the artery of the penis and discuss its clinical importance. The artery of the penis arose(More)
Veins of the head and neck exhibiting anatomical variations or malformations are clinically significant. Anatomical variation in the external jugular vein is very common. However, anatomical variation in the retromandibular vein is rare. In this paper, we report a rare case of complete absence of the retromandibular vein. In the absence of the(More)
Imaging technology with its advancement in the field of urology is the boon for the patients who require minimally invasive approaches for various kidney disorders. These approaches require a precise knowledge of the normal and variant anatomy of vessels at the hilum of the kidney. During routine dissections, a variation in the branching pattern of the(More)
Maintenance of testicular temperature below body temperature is essential for the process of spermatogenesis. This process of thermoregulation is mainly achieved by testicular veins through pampiniform venous plexus of the testis by absorbing the heat conveyed by the testicular arteries. However, this mechanism of thermoregulation may be hampered if an(More)
Background. Descriptive evaluation of nerve variations plays a pivotal role in the usefulness of clinical or surgical practice, as an anatomical variation often sets a risk of nerve palsy syndrome. Ulnar nerve (UN) is one amongst the major nerves involved in neuropathy. In the present anatomical study, variations related to ulnar nerve have been identified(More)
BACKGROUND Palmaris longus, being the most variable muscle of the upper extremity is generally considered important morphologically rather than functionally. The palmar aponeurosis represents the distal part of the tendon of Palmaris longus. CASE DETAILS We report here a unique case of palmaris longus presenting variation distally as its tendon divides to(More)
During regular dissections, we observed an unusual organization of the inferior root of Ansa Cervicalis (AC). The superior root of ansa arose normally from the hypoglossal nerve. The ventral ramus of the C2 spinal nerve divided into two branches. One of its branches joined the superior root independently to form a loop at a higher level. Another branch ran(More)
Diseases associated with the thyroid gland are one of the most frequently seen endocrine disorders across the globe. Total thyroidectomy is currently the preferred treatment for many thyroid diseases. Controversies exist among surgeons regarding safety of total thyroidectomy due to the risk associated with it like postoperative hypoparathyroidism or(More)