Jyothsna Patil

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Veins of the head and neck exhibiting anatomical variations or malformations are clinically significant. Anatomical variation in the external jugular vein is very common. However, anatomical variation in the retromandibular vein is rare. In this paper, we report a rare case of complete absence of the retromandibular vein. In the absence of the(More)
Vascular anomalies of the spleen are usually asymptomatic. However, variant anatomy of splenic artery becomes clinically important, when the patients undergo diagnostic angiography for gastrointestinal bleeding or during transcatheter therapy. We report here a concurrent variant arterial pattern of the spleen. The splenic artery was unusually elongated and(More)
UNLABELLED INTRODUCTION In the thorax there are normally 11 pairs of intercostal spaces: the spaces between adjacent ribs. The intercostal spaces contain intercostal muscles, intercostal nerves and vessels. CASE PRESENTATION During a routine dissection for undergraduate medical students, we observed a variation involving the left 3rd rib and 3rd costal(More)
OBJECTIVES Variations such as communications between median nerve and musculocutaneous nerve or in their abnormal branching pattern constitute a major concern in clinical and surgical field. Knowledge of these variations not only provides the clinician with a proper interpretation of the case, but also minimizes the complication in surgical approaches in(More)
Variations in the origin and distribution of Berrettini anastomosis between the digital branches of the ulnar and median nerves exist and are well described in the literature. During regular dissections by medical students, we encountered a rare variation in the left hand of an approximately 50-year-old male cadaver. Berrettini anastomosis connecting the(More)
BACKGROUND The foramen ovale is an oval opening in the greater wing of sphenoid bone transmitting the mandibular nerve as its major content. It serves as an important landmark for neurosurgeons in certain procedures as to gain access to trigeminal nerve. Therefore, its topographic position in relation to adjacent bony landmarks provides useful tool during(More)
Ulnar nerve compression at wrist is manifested either pathologically due to ganglia or neoplasms, or anatomically by the presence of accessory muscles in the hypothenar region. Accessory abductor digiti minimi muscle is an additional muscle encountered rarely in the wrist; presence of which causes high risk of ulnar neuropathy. We report here a case of(More)
Vascular variations of the penis are very rare. Awareness of its variations is of utmost importance to the urologists and radiologist dealing with the reconstruction or transplants of penis, erectile dysfunctions, and priapism. We report an extremely rare variation of the artery of the penis and discuss its clinical importance. The artery of the penis arose(More)
The ureter is subjected to natural variation such as duplication. The partial duplication forming bifidity is one of its rare congenital anomalies. We report here a case of unilateral left bifid ureter encountered during cadaveric dissection. The bifidity in the present case was at its greater extent and in the form of Y shaped with superior and inferior(More)
Maintenance of testicular temperature below body temperature is essential for the process of spermatogenesis. This process of thermoregulation is mainly achieved by testicular veins through pampiniform venous plexus of the testis by absorbing the heat conveyed by the testicular arteries. However, this mechanism of thermoregulation may be hampered if an(More)