Jyothi Shenoy

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Frequent associations have been found between family interaction and anorectic behaviour. Family theorists have viewed anorexia as a manifestation of a dysfunctional family system. We report three families of cases of anorexia (one male and two female) where the symptom was a reflection of family pathology and was being maintained by it. The cases emphasize(More)
This paper presents findings on the prevalence of psychological disturbance among a sample of 5- to 8-year-old Indian school children. The study was cross-sectional with a two-instrument, two-phase design. In the first phase (screening), 48 teachers rated 1535 children (810 boys and 725 girls) drawn from five schools in Bangalore city on the 26-item(More)
The present paper reports the findings of a study of scholastic backwardness among five to eight year old school going children. 1535 children were screened by their class teachers, of which 10.23% were found to have scholastic backwardness. No gender differences were noticed. The rates of specific difficulties such as reading, writing and arithmetic were(More)
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