Jyothi Mahadesh

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Dysgenetic polycystic disease (DPD) is a rare cystic lesion affecting mainly the parotid salivary glands with only 14 reported cases in English literature. DPD of parotids is more common in females, common in younger age group, mostly bilateral in occurrence and commonly affects the superficial lobe. Surgery is performed for symptomatic relief and cosmosis.(More)
A 46-year-old man was referred to our hospital for treatment, complaining of swelling on the right mandibular molar region. Radiographic examination revealed a well defined multilocular radiolucent lesion with root resorption of right lower anteriors and molars. Following biopsy, a diagnosis of unicystic ameloblastoma of mural type was made and(More)
Forensic toxicology deals with the investigation of toxic substances, poisonous products or with the environmental chemicals. This field of science helps to identify poison substance and hazardous chemicals. Forensic toxicology deals with the way that substances are absorbed, distributed or eliminated in the body - the metabolism of substances. This paper(More)
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