Jyh Cheng Juang

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The paper presents a nonlinear controller synthesis for the Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy model based on sum of squares (SOS) technique. A T-S fuzzy model is known to be usable in modeling and control of nonlinear systems. In the paper, the Lyapunov direct method is applied to formulate a sufficient condition for the stability and optimal control of a T-S fuzzy(More)
Robustness and parameter sensitivity issues of eigenstructure assignment approach are investigated. Eigenvalue sensitivity due to parameter variations is formulated as an optimization problem which is solved using a projection algorithm. Good compromise between eigenvalue sensitivity and eigenvector achievability can be arrived. The problem of unmodeled(More)
This paper summarizes the design objectives and approaches of the weapon control design presented in the Invited Session WA12 on Advanced Weapon Control Technology. To design a high-precision, high-bandwidth, and reliable weapon control system, several design approaches and their integration are investigated. This includes robust control design to account(More)
The paper describes the design, implementation, and test of an autonomous vehicle navigation system using vehicle model and particle filter tracking algorithm. Typically, a vehicle navigation system comprises of real-time environment perception, vehicle localization, collision avoidance, path planning, and path following. In order to achieve the features(More)
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