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In the proposed method, identification of a complete dynamic model of the nonlinear system is not required, whereas only the static nonlinearity, or its inverse, has to be estimated. Furthermore, the nonlinearity estimation and the controller design are performed simultaneously without the needs of iterative procedures or nonlinear optimization. Simulation(More)
Fig. 2. Change of thermal budget shape as the line width getting narrower. (a) soak (b) spike. Abstract: Rapid thermal processing (RTP) systems with spike-shaped temperature profile is widely used in IC industry for providing precise thermal budgets. This thermal budget control issue gets more crucial as the technology node progressively shrinking. With its(More)
The quality control of the wafer is becoming more and more important as the wafer becomes larger and the feature size shrinks. An advanced IC fabrication process consists of 300+ steps with scarce and usually difficult quality measurements. Thus product yield may not be realized until months into production while in-line measurements are available on the(More)
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