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This paper presents a simple algebraic approach for deriving the optimal lot size for economic production quantity (EPQ) model with rework process. Conventional methods for solving lot size problems are by using differential calculus on the long-run average production-inventory cost function with the need to prove optimality first. A few recent articles(More)
This paper is concerned with determination of optimal lot size for an economic manufacturing quantity model with backordering, scrap and breakdown occurring in inventory-stacking period. Generation of defective items and random breakdown of production equipment are inevitable in most real-life manufacturing systems. To cope with the stochastic machine(More)
This study studies the effects of machine breakdown, backlog and rework on the replenishment lot size. In real-life manufacturing systems, random defective rate and breakdown of equipment are inevitable. When backlogging is permitted during a production run, a random machine failure may take place either in backlog filling stage or in inventory piling time;(More)
This paper derives the optimal production-shipment policy for a vendor-buyer integrated system with imperfect quality and an amending product delivery plan using an algebraic method. It is assumed that the system may randomly produce certain portion of nonconforming products during each production run. Quality assurance in terms of inspection and rework has(More)
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