Jwo-Shiun Sun

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This paper proposes an omni-directional UWB antenna pattern in azimuth cut, low voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), and easy to construct antenna for ultra wideband (UWB) systems. The designed antenna uses the multi circular blade configuration with a radiating element and on two different ground planes (square and circular ground shape). The multi-circular(More)
Design of a novel circularly polarized (CP) rectenna (rectifying antenna) at 925MHz for wireless power transmission (WPT) applications involving wireless power transfer to low power consumption wireless device is proposed. In order to build the rectenna, a CP wide-slot antenna and a finite ground coplanar waveguide (CPW) circuit both with good impedance(More)
A dual-band dielectric resonator antenna with inverse T-shape parasitic strip is investigated experimentally. Using an additional inverse T-shape parasitic strip mounted on the dielectric resonator can be induced a higher mode whose radiation patterns have broadside characteristics. Both the radiation patterns of low and high resonant frequencies have no(More)
In this paper, facilities of antenna measurement have recently commissioned a spherical far-field measurement system. The low profile far-field spherical scan system provides significant advantages over the older far-field testing including elimination of problem of simple theta (thetas) and phi (phi) rotary axis with indoor far-field range testing,(More)
The Health Authority - Abu Dhabi (HAAD) mobile e-Service is a smartphone or smart device installed with the HAAD mobile app. This connects to one or more e-services at the HAAD Cloud to facilitate healthcare services for the residents at the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A mobile device in this context can be effectively considered(More)
The design relates generally to the field on antennas and more specifically, to a low profile linear polarized H-shape dipole antenna. The antenna includes a printed circuit board that has a dielectric substrate provided with H-shape face and one dipole element formed on the dielectric substrate. The printed circuit board is also provided with a balance to(More)
The semi-rigid cable for microwave band as a feeding network structure that effectively excited tapered TEM horn antenna geometry is proposed. The semi-rigid cable to parallel waveguide transition then to fed tapered TEM horn antenna. The designed tapered TEM horn antenna has the merits such as wideband, simple feeding network, low profile compact size with(More)