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XML is a de-facto standard for exchanging and presenting information on the Web. However, XML data is also recognized as verbose since it heavily inflates the size of the data due to the repeated tags and structures. The data verbosity problem gives rise to many challenges of conventional distributed database technologies. In this paper, we study the XML(More)
With increasing dissemination of XML, multi-query processing has become a practical and meaningful issue to resolve. However, the verbosity of XML data causes inefficient query processing and high network bandwidth consumption. This paper addresses the problem of evaluating a heavy load of subscribed queries as a whole (or simply multiqueries) over(More)
In this demonstration, we present an XML query engine MQX, which is developed for processing multiple subscribed XPath queries over compressed XML documents. MQX is equipped with efficient mechanisms for query rewriting, query organization and query optimization. To our knowledge, this is the first prototype to address the problem of efficiently processing(More)
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