Juyoung Park

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Effective drug delivery to brain tumors is often challenging because of the heterogeneous permeability of the 'blood tumor barrier' (BTB) along with other factors such as increased interstitial pressure and drug efflux pumps. Focused ultrasound (FUS) combined with microbubbles can enhance the permeability of the BTB in brain tumors, as well as the(More)
The blood-brain-barrier (BBB) prevents the transport of most anticancer agents to the central nervous system and restricts delivery to infiltrating brain tumors. The heterogeneous vascular permeability in tumor vessels, along with several other factors, creates additional barriers for drug treatment of brain tumors. Focused ultrasound (FUS), when combined(More)
Focused ultrasound (FUS) combined with a circulating microbubble agent is a promising strategy to non-invasively disrupt the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and could enable targeted delivery of therapeutics that normally do not leave the brain vasculature. This study investigated the kinetics of the BBB permeability using dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI)(More)
A 3-dimensional finite element model was developed to simulate pharmacokinetics in the eye following drug administration by intravitreal injection and implant for the treatment of retinal disease. The contributions of (1) convection to the transport of drug through the vitreous and aqueous humor and (2) diffusion of drug in the vitreous were varied to study(More)
A number of promising studies have been proposed for diagnosing arrhythmia, using classification techniques based on a variety of heartbeat features by the interpretation of electrocardiogram (ECG). In this study, a new feature called amplitude difference was investigated using the random forest classifier. Evaluations conducted against the MIT-BIH(More)
With the growing popularity of multimedia services such as IPTV, these P2P network overlay schemes are in the limelight and actively under studied as a good alternative or complementary solution for internet multimedia service systems. Therefore, in this paper, we review and compare the P2P overlay network schemes that have been introduced and researched(More)
Overlay multicast delivery mechanism is a new approach in which multicast functionality is implemented over the application layer. However, existing overlay multicast protocols are not standardized and many restrictions occur when delivering high quality contents. In this paper, we propose efficient data relaying mechanism to support overlay multicast(More)
In the ICT area, we are facing with emerging domains of standardization such as Smart Cities, Big data, Internet of Things, Cloud computing, Smart Machines, 3D Scanning & Printing, and many other forthcoming emerging domains. Key commonality of these emerging domains involves the characteristics of complex systems. The emerging areas are influenced by(More)
Long-term electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring, as a representative application of cyber-physical systems, facilitates the early detection of arrhythmia. A considerable number of previous studies has explored monitoring techniques and the automated analysis of sensing data. However, ensuring patient privacy or confidentiality has not been a primary concern in(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to identify physical, psychological, and social risk factors associated with opioid medication misuse among community-dwelling older adults with chronic pain. METHODS Using a cross-sectional research design, a confidential survey was administered at 11 outpatient clinics affiliated with the Baltimore Veterans Affairs(More)