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MOTIVATION Phosphorylation is involved in diverse signal transduction pathways. By predicting phosphorylation sites and their kinases from primary protein sequences, we can obtain much valuable information that can form the basis for further research. Using support vector machines, we attempted to predict phosphorylation sites and the type of kinase that(More)
This study developed a Smartphone Addiction Proneness Scale (SAPS) based on the existing internet and cellular phone addiction scales. For the development of this scale, 29 items (1.5 times the final number of items) were initially selected as preliminary items, based on the previous studies on internet/phone addiction as well as the clinical experience of(More)
Although over 30 common genetic susceptibility loci have been identified to be independently associated with coronary artery disease (CAD) risk through genome-wide association studies (GWAS), genetic risk variants reported to date explain only a small fraction of heritability. To identify novel susceptibility variants for CAD and confirm those previously(More)
The screen size of a smartwatch provides limited space to enable expressive multi-touch input, resulting in a markedly difficult and limited experience. We present <i>WatchMI: Watch Movement Input</i> that enhances touch interaction on a smartwatch to support continuous pressure touch, twist, pan gestures and their combinations. Our novel approach relies on(More)
BACKGROUND Glucosinolates are abundant in Brassicaceae vegetables, and they are degraded into various organic breakdown products (BPs) (R-CN, -NCS and -SCN) by myrosinase when plant tissues are damaged. This study was designed to investigate whether these BPs could be broken further into goitrogenic thiocyanate anions (SCN(-) ) metabolically and/or(More)
We conducted a genome-wide association study meta-analysis of mean arterial pressure and pulse pressure among 26,600 East Asian participants (stage 1) followed by replication study of up to 28,783 participants (stage 2). For novel loci, statistical significance was determined by a P<5.0×10(-8) in joint analysis of stage 1 and stage 2 data. For loci reported(More)
Recent genetic association studies have identified 55 genetic loci associated with obesity or body mass index (BMI). The vast majority, 51 loci, however, were identified in European-ancestry populations. We conducted a meta-analysis of associations between BMI and ∼2.5 million genotyped or imputed single nucleotide polymorphisms among 86 757 individuals of(More)
A film-handling machine (robot) has been built which can, in conjunction with a commercially available film densitometer, exchange and digitize over 300 electron micrographs per day. Implementation of robotic film handling effectively eliminates the delay and tedium associated with digitizing images when data are initially recorded on photographic film. The(More)
South Korea is one of many countries with endemic Plasmodium vivax malaria. Here we report the evaluation of four rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) for diagnosis of this disease. A total of 253 subjects were enrolled in the study. The sensitivities, specificities and agreement frequencies were estimated by comparing the four RDTs against the standard of(More)
PURPOSE Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) artifacts are originated from various sources including instability of an magnetic resonance (MR) system, patient motion, inhomogeneities of gradient fields, and so on. Such MRI artifacts are usually considered as irreversible, so additional artifact-free scan or navigator scan is necessary. To overcome these(More)