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MOTIVATION Phosphorylation is involved in diverse signal transduction pathways. By predicting phosphorylation sites and their kinases from primary protein sequences, we can obtain much valuable information that can form the basis for further research. Using support vector machines, we attempted to predict phosphorylation sites and the type of kinase that(More)
This study developed a Smartphone Addiction Proneness Scale (SAPS) based on the existing internet and cellular phone addiction scales. For the development of this scale, 29 items (1.5 times the final number of items) were initially selected as preliminary items, based on the previous studies on internet/phone addiction as well as the clinical experience of(More)
Background. Despite increasing attention toward forest therapy as an alternative medicine, very little evidence continues to be available on its therapeutic effects. Therefore, this study was focused on elucidating the health benefits of forest walking on cardiovascular reactivity. Methods. Within-group comparisons were used to examine the cardiovascular(More)
The present study investigated the well-being effects of short-term forest walking and viewing ("forest bathing"). The hypothesis in our study was that both environment (forest vs. urban) and activity (walking and viewing) would influence psychological outcomes. An additional aim was to enhance basic research using several psychological methods. We(More)
  • Jung-Yeon Kim, So-Young Ji, Youn-Kyoung Goo, Byoung-Kuk Na, Hyo-Joo Pyo, Han-Na Lee +6 others
  • 2013
South Korea is one of many countries with endemic Plasmodium vivax malaria. Here we report the evaluation of four rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) for diagnosis of this disease. A total of 253 subjects were enrolled in the study. The sensitivities, specificities and agreement frequencies were estimated by comparing the four RDTs against the standard of(More)
Compressed sensing (CS) may be useful for accelerating data acquisitions in high-resolution fMRI. However, due to the inherent slow temporal dynamics of the hemodynamic signals and concerns of potential statistical power loss, the CS approach for fMRI (CS-fMRI) has not been extensively investigated. To evaluate the utility of CS in fMRI application, we(More)
Despite increasing attention and a growing volume of research data, little physiological evidence is available on the benefits of horticultural activity and the different effects on individuals. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to investigate the physiological effects of horticultural activity and to examine how differences in personality alter(More)
BACKGROUND A thorough examination of the morbidity and comorbidity profiles among the elderly and an evaluation of the related factors are required to improve the delivery of health care to the elderly and to estimate the cost of that care. In South Korea where the aged population is rapidly increasing, however, to date only one study using a limited sample(More)
Traditionally, kernel services are of a higher priority than user processes. The kernel can preempt the currently executed process in order to perform interrupt handling for the behalf of another process, even though the latter process is of a lower priority than the former. This can be viewed as priority inversion. We propose a new interrupt handling(More)
Fetal lung development normally occurs in a hypoxic environment. Hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF)-1α is robustly induced under hypoxia and transactivates many genes that are essential for fetal development. Most preterm infants are prematurely exposed to hyperoxia, which can halt hypoxia-driven lung maturation. We were to investigate whether the HIF-1α(More)