Juyong Shin

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[Purpose] This study compared the effects on neck-shoulder pain and mobility of strengthening exercises for the neck flexors and scapular retractors performed on a Swiss ball and a mat. [Subjects] Twenty student volunteers were the subjects. [Methods] The students were randomly assigned to two groups: Mat group (n=10), and Swiss ball group (n=10). At(More)
In this paper, we describe the design and implementation of a high precision real time NAND simulator called Copycat that runs on a commodity multi-core desktop environment. This NAND simulator facilitates the development of embedded flash memory management software such as the flash translation layer (FTL). The simulator also allows a comprehensive fault(More)
[Purpose] This study aims to examine the effects of the extension of the fingers (distal upper limb) on the activity of the shoulder muscles (proximal upper limb). [Subjects and Methods] This study involved 14 healthy male adults with no musculoskeletal disorder or pain related to the shoulders and hands. The subjects in a sitting posture abducted the angle(More)
Silicon validation becomes difficult because of rapidly increasing complexity and operation speed of integrated circuits. When an error is found after a chip is fabricated, post-silicon repair is necessary. Full mask revision may significantly increase the cost and time-to-market. In this paper, we describe partial metal revision techniques in which only(More)
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