Juyan Zhang

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Researchers have proven the Litchi seeds of possessing salutary pharmacodynamic effects, such as dispelling cold, relieving pain, promoting the circulation of qi, and removing stasis. This has resulted in its categorization as an affinal drug and diet in the traditional Chinese medicine. Important research progress has been obtained on the chemical(More)
We investigate whether or not ex post destruction can solve the hold-up problem. After clarifying the difference between ex post destruction and nontrade when negotiation breaks down, we show that the option of ex post destruction is not sufficient to enhance ex ante efficiency. In particular, only if the information about the spitefulness of the supplier(More)
In property rights theory, firm is an organizational response to reduce transaction cost associated with hold-up of using market mechanism. We claim that strategic alliance – without changing firm boundaries or asset ownership – is another type of organizational response. We construct a model to investigate individual firms’ strategic choice on(More)
We first investigate whether or not ex post destruction can possibly alleviate the hold-up problem in a one-shot game between a supplier and a buyer. The answer is yes but only when the buyer believes that the supplier might be a Homo reciprocans agent with sufficiently strong propensity for reciprocity. Under incomplete information with informed supplier,(More)
Rat calcineurin (CaN) A alpha isoform (Ppp3ca) cDNA recombinant adenovirus vector was constructed in order to explore the effect of CaN on the myocardium apoptosis induced by ischemia-reperfusion injury. Total RNA was isolated from the heart of the adult Wistar rat, and Ppp3ca CDS segment of approximate 1.59 kb size was amplified by reverse transcriptional(More)
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