Juwhan Song

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Geant4 is a physical library, used for radiation or other physics simulations. To take advantage of the Geant4 library, the user should inherit the classes which are provided in the library and embody the three classes required by C++ language. Because it is usually difficult and takes a lot of time for a physicist to embody these classes, we are developing(More)
This paper proposes the feature descriptor for 3D model similarity search using the distribution of normal directions on the simplified surface. Feature descriptor of 3D model should be invariant to translation, rotation and scale for its model. So this paper normalizes all the model using PCA and preprocesses surface mesh simplification to robust against(More)
This paper proposes a retrieval system for three dimensional objects using reflective symmetry. For the retrieval method, a reflective symmetric axis with a projector is used. The symmetric plane is calculated by the reflection symmetry, and the depth buffer is calculated for the symmetric plane. Then, by applying the Fourier transform to the depth buffer,(More)
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