Juvonda S Hodge

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Plasma zinc levels were measured in 14 patients with primary affective disorder on admission to hospital; they were compared with plasma zinc levels in group of 14 age- and sex-matched controls. A significant difference in zinc levels was found between the 2 groups. Plasma zinc levels of 9 of the depressed patients on admission to hospital and at the point(More)
One hundred samples of amniotic fluid were obtained by amniocentesis from 82 patients at different stages of normal and abnormal pregnancies. The concentration of lecithin was estimated together with the volume of the amniotic fluid, using the dilution technique. Thus the total quantity of lecithin in any amniotic sac could be calculated. While confirming(More)
INTRODUCTION Historically, split-thickness skin grafts have been fixed onto the recipient site by suture and/or staples. Fibrin sealants have become available for the fixation in the past 10 years. Fibrin sealants have been shown to be at least as effective as staples, and recent reports show them to cause less pain. However, the product is much more(More)
BACKGROUND Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN) result in epidermal sloughing and mucositis. There are no published guidelines for intubation and early tracheostomy in this patient population. METHODS A retrospective chart review of 40 patients admitted from 2010 to 2015 with SJS and TEN was conducted. Descriptive statistics(More)
gon were made during exchange transfusions performed with blood heated to 36 * 5 to 38-5 °C or cooled to 10 to 13 'C. Term., normally grown infants suffering from rhesus incompatibility were studied. 10 received warm transfusions and 9 cold transfusions. Cold transfusions caused a progressive fall in rectal, umbilical vein, and skin temperature, whereas(More)